TDK LTO2 Ultrium2 Data Cartridge D2405-LTO2

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he TDK LTO2 tape cartridge or TDK LTO Ultrium data cartridge has a native capacity up to 200GB and up to 400GB compressed capacity. TDK LTO Ultrium 2 data cartridges have a maximum transfer rate of up to 40MB per second native or up to 80MB per second compressed. The TDK LTO 2 tape is backward compatible and therefore can be read and written to in all LTO2 or LTO Ultrium 2 drives, can be read and written to in all LTO3 or LTO Ultrium 3 drives, can be read only in all LTO4 or LTO Ultrium 4 drives. The D2405 was designed to serve as backup media for high-end servers in which digital networks handle enormous volumes of data. TDK Life on Record applied its original tape coating and cartridge mechanism technologies to develop LTO Ultrium 2 as a high reliability data cartridge ensuring safe, stable read/write data transfer and storage for irreplaceable information. For the option of LTO barcode labels attached to your tapes please see Application of Tape Barcode Labels for details.

TDK have discontinued the LTO 2 tape cartridge (77-0000-1320-9). We only have 9 left in stock. Email or call 1300 788 824 for any enquiries.



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