Fujifilm LTO2 Ultrium2 Data Cartridge

Fujifilm LTO2 Ultrium2 Data Cartridge

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FUJIFILM Ultrium2/Ultrium 2/Ultrium-2/LTO2/LTO 2/LTO-2 Tape, Native 200GB and up to 400GB Compressed capacity.
For the option of LTO barcode labels attached to your tapes please see Application of Tape Barcode Labels for details.
Drives that use the FujiFilm LTO Ultrium 2 data cartridges are recommended to use the Fuji LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge to keep the drive clean.
* Superior durability
* Lower head wear
* High transfer speed
The Fujifilm LTO Ultrium™ (Linear Tape Open) tapes represent a breakthrough in ultra-high capacity storage. All our LTO Ultrium™ cartridges feature Fujifilm’s innovative servo-writing and ATOMM Technology, LTO Ultrium™ is the ultimate high-performance, high-density storage solution for the most demanding environments.

LTO Ultrium™ G2 stores up 400GB of data, compressed and transfers data at rates of up to 80MB/s.* *2:1 compression High transfer speed Increased performance (measured by higher transfer speeds) means less time spent on backups and archive operations and greater overall efficiency. LTO Ultrium data cartridges deliver impressive data transfer rates of up to 80-160 MB/s (2:1 compressed; 40-80 MB/s native).



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