Turtle Multi Media Magazine Case 08-677899

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The Turtle Multi Media Magazine Case 08-677899 can hold many different types of tape magazines used when tapes are exported from the tape library. The Turtle multi media magazine case is great when you need to transport or store the tapes and the magazine as one.
Turtle Cases have been uniquely designed to protect your valuable data during transport and storage. Multimedia Magazine tape cartridges Turtle Case is built for business professionals who understand the value of their data and the precautions necessary to protect it. The extra protection & storage provided by Multimedia Magazine Media tape cartridges Turtle Case is more important than ever. Turtle Multimedia Magazine Media case offers the following features to protect your data :
1) Double wall case which reduces G forces resulting from impact.
2) Trapped air space provides insulation from external temperature changes
3) Use of foam only with tape and disk formats where plastic cases are employed protects media from contact with debris generating agents inside the case.

Turtle have discontinued the Multi magazine case 08-677899 and we only have 4 left in stock.



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