Turtle Flash & USB Drive Case - 30 Capacity 08-679114

$100.94 incl. GST

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The Turtle Flash & USB Drive Case 08-679114 has a capaity of 30 drives. The Turtle Flash & USB Drive Case is a double walled case for extra protection against impact and temperature extremes with foam slots keep up to 30 drives separate from one another. It has stainless steel latches, a fold down handle and can be padlocked or security sealed for protection when out of your hands. High density polyethylene material prevents debris generation. Handle provides secure grip, folds down when stored to save space and allow for easy stacking.
* Capacity for 30 USB/Flash drives
* Foam slots keep drives separate from one another
* Stainless steel latches
* Fold down handle
* Padlockable for security.



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