Turtle 539/039 Waterproof Pluckable Equipment Case 07-039001

$260.00 incl. GST

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This Turtle Waterproof 039 Equipment case 07-039001 is airtight, customisable and ATA certified with 1/2" cubed pluckable foam. You can create you own space or spaces with the pluckable foam to store and transport safely delicate equipment like cameras, computers, backup tapes or anything that needs protection from dust, water, harsh changes in temperature and humidity, vermin and shock in transportation.
Recommended accessories for this case is TL5020 brass padlock (comes with 2 keys)
* Removable foam to create needed space
* Stainless steel hardware
* Double movement latches prevent accidental opening for added protection
* Double padlockable

Weight 7.1000 / 2.65kg
Inside Dimensions 18" X 13" X 6.9" / 45.7cm x 33cm x 17.5cm
Outside Dimensions 19.8" X 16" X 7.6" / 50.3cm x 40.6cm x 19.3cm



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