Turtle 539/039 Waterproof Pluckable Equipment Case 07-039001

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This Turtle Waterproof 039 Equipment case 07-039001 is airtight, customisable and ATA certified with 1/2" cubed pluckable foam. You can create you own space or spaces with the pluckable foam to store and transport safely delicate equipment like cameras, computers, backup tapes or anything that needs protection from dust, water, harsh changes in temperature and humidity, vermin and shock in transportation.
Recommended accessories for this case is TL5020 brass padlock (comes with 2 keys)
* Removable foam to create needed space
* Stainless steel hardware
* Double movement latches prevent accidental opening for added protection
* Double padlockable

Weight 7.1000 / 2.65kg
Inside Dimensions 18" X 13" X 6.9" / 45.7cm x 33cm x 17.5cm
Outside Dimensions 19.8" X 16" X 7.6" / 50.3cm x 40.6cm x 19.3cm

Waterproof IPX7
Dustproof IP6X
Impact ATA 300
Drop Test ASTM D-4169 CC-18
Vibration STM D-4169 DC-18
Rainfall ASTM D-4169 DCc-18
Immersion MIL-STD-810F

Descriptions of Tests
ATA Specification 300 Category 1
Airline transport container suitable for a minimum of 100 airline trips
Impact Resistance Test; samples were exposed to impact using a bar weighing 13.2lbs with a hemispherical end of 3.2cm. Bar was dropped with its longitudinal axis vertical on to each sample’s weakest point from a height of 0.5m. Samples were conditioned to a temperature of -20°C before impact exposure.

ASTM D-4169 DC-18
Level 1 Schedule A Handling (Manual)
Drop tests - a series of drops on each edge, corner and face of the case from a height of no less than 48cm(19”) and with loads of 6.8-31.8kg(15-70lbs) determined by case size. Samples were conditioned at lab ambient conditions and then temperatures of -28°C and +60°C for a minimum of 3 hours at each condition.

ASTM D-4169 DC-18
Level 1, Schedule F loose load vibration
Vibration - The cases are tested using test method D-999 to determine the ability to withstand the repetitive shocks occurred during transportation of loose loads.

ASTM D-4169 DC-18
Level 1, Schedule H Environmental Hazard Rainfall
Simulated rainfall for 2hrs at a rate of 10cm/hr (4”). Samples were conditioned to -20 degrees C and +52 degrees C.

Method 512.4
Immersion - The case is submerged in a basin of water to a depth of 1 meter (3.28 ft) to the top most part of the case for 30 minutes. The case is heated to 10 degrees F higher than the temperature of the water.
IP 67 ingress protection
6- Total protection from dust
7- Protected against the effects of immersion between 15cm (5.9”) and 1m (39.37”)



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