TURTLE DAT160/320 CASE - 36 Capacity (DAT-160/06-673822)

TURTLE DAT160/320 CASE - 36 Capacity (DAT-160/06-673822)

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Turtle DAT160/DAT320 case (DAT-160/06-673822) has a 36 tape capacity in their individual cases and is red in colour. To transport and store DAT160, DAT320 and their cleaning tapes.


* 36 capacity case for 4 MM/DAT 160 tapes
* Foam insert with 36 slots cut to the exact dimensions of the DAT 160 tapes
* Lid and base foam with durable Tuftane coating
* Stainless steel latches secure the case

Dimensions & Weight:

Depth: 16 in / 40.64cm
Height: 8 in / 45.7cm
Width: 21 in 53.34



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