Verbatim Blu-Ray BD-R 25GB single disc in jewel case 96910

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The Verbatim Blu-Ray BD-R 96910 is a single disk in a jewel case and each disc has a capacity of 25GB. The Verbatim Blu-Ray BD-R 25GB discs are perfect for recording HD video, storing large amounts of photos or music. The Verbatim BD-R Disc 96910 can be used in Blu-Ray drives with a speed up to 10x. They are great if you want less than 5 discs, or an odd number of discs. All Verbatim Blu-ray discs are treated with a super hard coat to prevent scratches, resist fingerprints and reduce dust build-up. Compatible with the latest Blu-ray hardware like Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic and LG, Verbatim Blu-ray media offers you an amazing high definition experience right in your own home. Finally, Verbatim BD-R 6x discs can also be written on 4x writers.
Features and benefits:
* Supported by major electric companies (Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, Samsung)
* Recordable format for HDTV recording and PC data storage
* Utilises a blue-violet laser to read and write data allowing for more data storage on a disc with the same size as a CD/DVD
* Wide power margin of Verbatim BD-media ensures superior drive compatibility
* Super hard coat protects data from scratches
* BD-R recording hardware is required for recording
* Blu-ray player can also be used for BD-R media playback



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