Xpresspax Double or Dual Case - Grey (XPX C2 05G)

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The Xpresspax Double or Dual Case is grey in colour (XPX C2 05G) and can accommodate 2 XpresspaX inserts of your choice. This can be 2 x LTO trays, 2 x 1/2" trays for 3592 or 2 x T10k tapes or a mix to hold other types of tape or hard drives. The trays are purchased separately so you can customise your case requirement.
XpresspaX containers are rugged and purpose-built for carrying and protecting your valuable media. They are made with high-impact absorbing customized resin. The latches are riveted to the container for extra protection. (Locks not included)
Fits 2 x Xpress Inserts of your choice (sold separately). These include:
- LTO with case insert
- Soft LTO without case insert
- DLT with case insert
- Half-inch tape insert
- Mixed media utility insert
- Optical Disk insert
- Internal or External Hard Drive insert
* Ergonomic molded handle metal-riveted to container
* Oversized bumper protects container
* Sturdy, comfortable grips for carrying
Exterior - 27" x 11.5" x 5.9" / 68.6cm x 30cm x 15cm
Interior - 25" x 10.25" x 5" / 63.5cm x 26cm x 12.7cm



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