Fujifilm LTO5 Ultrium5 Data Cartridge

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The Fuji LTO5 or LTO Ultrium5 sata cartridge holds up to 1.5TB of data native capacity with up to 3.0TB of compressed data. The Fujifilm LTO Ultrium5 data tape has a transfer rate of up to 140MB/sec while writing data in native capacity and up to 280MB/sec while writing data in compressed capacity. The Fuji LTO 5 tapes have 1280 tracks and a tape length of 846 meters. The tape has a lifetime durability of 1,000,000 passes. A pass is each time the tape changes direction so a backup could have over 1,000 passes depending on the data written.The Fujifilm LTO5 cartridges are backward compatible and therefore suitable for read/write use in all LTO5/Ultrium5 and LTO6/Ultrium6 drives, and can be read only in LTO7 drives.
For the option of LTO barcode labels attached to your tapes please see Application of Tape Barcode Labels for details.
Drives that use the FujiFilm LTO Ultrium 5 data cartridges are recommended to use the Fuji LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge to keep the drive clean.
FUJIFILM's NANOCUBIC technology has achieved a high capacity and amazing transfer rate to have the capacity of 3.0TB (at 2:1 compression; 1.5TB native) by recording 1,280 data tracks within 12.65mm tape width. Also with the utilization of multi-channel recording technology, LTO G5 data cartridge featured transfer rates of up to 280MB/sec. (at 2:1 compression; 140MB/sec. native). FUJIFILM Servo Technology LTO Ultrium technology relies heavily on timing-based, high-precision servo control to achieve its remarkable performance levels. LTO Ultrium data cartridge uses dual servo tracks that have been precisely written along the entire length of each of its four data bands, for extremely fine placement control and redundancy in the event of tape damages. Improvement in "NANOCUBIC technology" For LTO G5 development, FUJIFILM has further advanced the NANOCUBIC technology with the following key technologies and has successfully achieved higher recording density: (1) Development of finer metal particles (78% of the size of LTO G4) (2) Nano-dispersion technology with a new binder system (3) Advanced nano-coating technology to achieve a much smoother and more uniform magnetic layer resulting in significant decrease in the tape surface defects.

FujiFilm LTO5 Ultrium 5 Data Cartridge brochure - All tape specifications including technology, speed, capacity, drive compatibility and environmental conditions etc.



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