Fujifilm LTO3 Ultrium3 Data Cartridge

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The Fuji LTO3 tape cartridge or Fujifilm LTO Ultrium3 data cartridge 71016 hold up to 400GB in native capacity and up to 800GB in compressed capacity. The Fuji LTO 3 cartridge can write the data at up to 80MB/second native or up to 160MB/second compressed. The Fujifilm LTO-3 Ultrium data cartridge is suitable for read and write in all LTO3 or LTO Ultrium 3 drives, suitable for read and write in all LTO4 or LTO Ultrium 4 drives, and read only in all LTO5 or LTO Ultrium 5 drives. For the option of LTO barcode labels attached to your tapes please see Application of Tape Barcode Labels for details. Drives that use the FujiFilm LTO Ultrium 3 data cartridges are recommended to use the Fuji LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge to keep the drive clean. Highlights * Large storage capacity * Enhanced reliability * FujiFilm servo technology Overview LTO Ultrium™ G1, G2, G3 and G4 feature Fujifilm’s innovative servo-writing and ATOMM Technology, LTO Ultrium™ is the ultimate high-performance, high-density storage solution for the most demanding environments. With high transfer speeds and enhanced precision recording, less time is spent on backups and archiving, resulting in greater efficiency. Large storage capacity High recording density is a crucial factor in tape capacity and FUJIFILM draws on its long experience in tape manufacture technologies to create tapes with up to 800 GB (2:1 compressed; 400 GB native) capacity on a single cartridge, to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Enhanced reliability FUJIFILM’s patented ATOMMtechnology incorporates a unique ultrathin dual-coating system that contributes to the remarkable durability and stability of LTO Ultrium cartridges. The tape also incorporates an improved PEN* basefilm that is very stable under environmental change - an important consideration in a medium which has been designed to withstand years of heavy daily use and extended archival storage. *PEN: Polyethylenenaphthalate FujiFilm servo technology LTO Ultrium technology relies heavily on timing-based, high-precision servo control to achieve its remarkable performance levels. LTO Ultrium data cartridge uses dual servo tracks that have been precisely written along the entire length of each of its four data bands, for extremely fine placement control and redundancy in the event of tape damage. (2:1 compressed; 40-80 MB/s native).



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