HP DDS-4 Data Cartridge C5718A

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The HP DDS-4 data cartridge C5718A is 150m long and has a native capacity of up to 20GB and a compressed capacity of up to 40GB. The HP DDS4 tapes are designed to be read and written to in a DDS4 drive, but can be read and written to in a DAT72 and DAT160 drives.
Drives that use the DDS-4 150m data cartridge are recommended to use the DDS 4mm Cleaning Cartridge to keep the drive clean.

HP has discontinued the DDS-4 20/40GB data tapes C5718A and we only have 0 tapes left in stock. Even though we have none of this brand left in stock we can source more of these from overseas if required. Please use the contact us for more information.



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