HPE/HP LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge C7978A

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The HP now called HPE LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge C7978A is designed for use in all LTO Ultrium drives including; LTO-1 or LTO Ultrium 1, LTO-2 or LTO Ultrium 2, LTO-3 or LTO Ultrium 3, LTO-4 or LTO Ultrium 4, LTO-5 or LTO Ultrium 5, LTO-6 or LTO Ultrium 6, LTO-7 or LTO Ultrium 7, and LTO-8 or LTO Ultrium 8 drives. The C7978A HPE LTO cleaning tape is orange in colour signifying the HPE branded LTO Ultrium universal cleaning cartridge. The HPE Ultrium drive cleaning tape will clean between 15 and 50 times depending on the drive. The process takes around 30 seconds. The HPE LTO cleaning tape cleans the head which writes and reads the data, as well as other parts in the tape path. This cleaning process improves the performance of the drive and the quality of the data backed up to the tape. As tape drives get older and starts moving out of specification, or your tapes become older or worn, the LTO tape drives require more cleaning and the cartridge gives a lesser number of cleans. For the option of LTO barcode labels attached to your tapes please see Application of Tape Barcode Labels for details. Although HP now HPE media offers extreme reliability under a whole range of conditions, it is still advisable to follow a sensible procedure when handling and storing cartridges in order to maximise the life of your tapes. Many causes of recording or read errors are temporary and can be corrected by use of a cleaning cartridge. Regular drive cleaning is essential to the long-term reliability of your data on the tapes written in that drive. Regular use of the HPE LTO Ultrium cleaning cartridge should be considered on a scheduled cycle, as well as when requested by the drive. This HPE LTO Ultrium universal cleaning cartridge is designed for use with HP and HPE LTO Ultrium drives and they can also be used on any other brand of drives as long as they show the LTO Ultrium logo.



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