Sony AIT-2 Turbo Data Cartridge TAIT2-80N No Chip

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The Sony TAIT2-80N AIT Turbo tape has 80GB native capacity and 208GB compressed capacity for effective cost performance. Ideal for small business and server data back-up. The N stands for no chip so its not as fast as the 'with Chip" tape to find files.
The Sony TAIT2-80N data cartridge can be read and written to in AIT-2 turbo drives such as SDX-550 and SDX-560 and SDX-570 series and AIT-3 drives such as SDX-700 series and AIT-3Ex drive such as SDX-800 series. The Sony TAIT2-80N data cartridge can be read only in a AIT-3 drive such as SDX-700 series.
Sony TAIT2-80N offers high storage capacity in a small and compact 8mm cartridge with a capacity of 80GB native and up to 208GB compressed data. They offer fast data transfer using efficient Helical Scan technology of 12MB/sec sustained native transfer rate. AIT has proven reliability and durability with a 30 year media life thanks to AME technology (Advanced Metal Evaporated).
AIT Turbo Media can only be used with an AIT Turbo drive. Standard AIT drives cannot read or write the new AIT TURBO media line-up (T-AIT) except AIT-3Ex drives. AIT Turbo drives can read and write current AIT media line-up (AIT & T-AIT). The drives use the Sony Cleaning Tape SDX1-CL.
All the AIT drives that use TAIT2-80N Sony AIT-2 Turbo 208GB with chip tape cartridges are recommended to use the Sony SDX1-CL AIT 1-3 Drive Cleaning Cartridge to clean and maintain the AIT drive in top condition.

Sony have discontinued the AIT-2 Turbo TAIT2-80N 208GB no chip data cartridge. We only have 96 tapes available left in stock. Email or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.



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