Sony Magneto Optical (MO) Disk 8.6GB WORM CWO-8600C

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Sony Magneto Optical (MO) Disk 5.25" Write Once Read Many (WORM) 8.6GB, 2048 byte/sector, 130mm, CWO-8600B or CWO-8600C.
Overview/Features * 14X Generation incorporates MSR technology (Magnetically-induced Super Resolution) and Land & Groove recording which increase capacity and ensure extremely fast access to information. * Outstanding storage solution for sophisticated multimedia and network applications (such as desktop publishing, medical diagnostics and financial records). * High-speed random access : suitable for large-scale libraries and jukeboxes. * Easy to handle and removable. * Ultra reliability and durability : over 100,000 load/unload cycles per side without quality loss and 50-year archival life. Resistance to dust and scratches thanks to hard-coating and anti-static disc surface and strong shelter. * Fully backward compatible.

Sony have discontinued the CWO-8600B CWO-8600C 8.6GB WORM MOD disks. We have only 30 available in stock.



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