IBM 8mm 170M AME Data Cartridge 59H2678

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The IBM 8mm 170M AME Data Cartridge 59H2678 Mammoth tape has a capacity of up to 20GB native and up to 40GB compressed. The IBM 8mm Mammoth AME-1 170m Data Tape Cartridge is Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) 8mm data cartridge is designed for use with Mammoth tape drives and libraries. For reliable data storage, the quality of your media is every bit as important as the quality of your tape drive. Designed specifically for Mammoth tape drives, IBM's AME tapes are not abrasive, reducing the mechanical wear of your Mammoth drive. AME tapes are vertically aligned and do not have binder components which allow for higher capacity and a superior signal strength. In addition, AME media's specially formulated backcoating dramatically reduces the build-up of static electricity and debris, significantly lowering the chance of read/write errors.

IBM have discontinued the 8mm 170M AME data tape (59H2678). We only have 50 tapes available left in stock. Email or call (02) 9771 3533 for any enquiries.



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