Maxell LTO1 Ultrium 1 Data Cartridge 183800

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The Maxell LTO1 or LTO Ultrium 1 data cartridges hold up to 100GB of native or uncompressed capacity with up to 200GB of compressed data. The Maxell LTO1 Ultrium 1 data cartridge has a transfer rate of up to 20MB/sec while writing data in native or uncompressed capacity and up to 40MB/sec while writing data in compressed capacity. The Maxell LTO-1 Ultrium Data Cartridge is suitable for read and write in all LTO1 Ultrium1 drives and LTO2 Ultrium 2 drives, and read only in LTO3 drives.
For the option of LTO barcode labels attached to your tapes please see Application of Tape Barcode Labels for details.
Drives that use the Maxell LTO Ultrium 1 data cartridges are recommended to use the Maxell LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge to keep the drive clean.
The Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Program was formed by Certance (now Quantum), Hewlett-Packard and IBM to develop and market a powerful new open tape storage architecture, LTO technology. This effort has created the LTO Ultrium format, which gives users independent, interchangeable, and competitive sources of products for unparalleled choice, features, flexibility, and performance. Features Magnetic servo technology for highly accurate tracking. Super-fine Ceramic Armor Metal Particles. Ultra-thin coating and Special Calendering technologies. High-performance, superior stability base film. Exceptional leader pin stability. Non contact 4KB memory for indexing.
Maxell have discontinued the LTO 1 tape cartridge (LTOU1/100). We only have 5 left in stock. Email or call 1300 788 824 for any enquiries.



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