Quantum LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge MR-LUCQN-01

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The Quantum Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge (MR-LUCQN-01) or Quantum LTO Cleaning Tape is used for cleaning LTO1 or Ultrium1, LTO2 or Ultrium2, LTO3 or Ultrium 3, LTO4 or Ultrium4, LTO5 or Ultrium 5, LTO6 or Ultrium6, LTO7 or Ultrium7 or LTO8 or Ultrium 8 drives. The Quantum LTO Cleaning tapes extend the working life and read/write reliability of your LTO tape drives (LTO1 to LTO8). Periodically use the Quantum Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge MR-LUCQN-01 will help this. For the option of LTO barcode labels attached to your tapes please see Application of Tape Barcode Labels for details. Quantum has combined high-tech features that are intelligently increasing productivity of the users with a Quantum LTO ultrium solution. The number of cleanings depends on the tape drive model and amount to be cleaned (maximum up to 50). Most of the LTO drives incorporate self cleaning, but it is recommended that this MR-LUCQN-01 cartridge should be used after regular intervals. This helps to remove dirt/debris from the tape read and write process.



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