Datacare Media Firesafe 2001 16-679039

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The DataCare Fireproof Media Safe 2001 is engineered specifically to protect information that is stored digitally on tapes or hard drives from fire, water, magnetic interference, dust, humidity and theft. The Datacare 2001 media safe is tested to protect recorded media and will withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees centigrade (1850 degrees fahrenheit) for up to one hour (Class 125 rating), providing data management professionals with confidence and the peace of mind they deserve when storing high value data. 

The Datacare tape and disk firesafe measures 42cm x 35.1cm x 17.8cm (16.5" X 13.8" X 17") externally and 24.2cm x 15.9cm x 19.7cm (9.5" X 6.25" X 7.75") internal storage space and weighs 49kg's. The safe will hold up to 14 x LTO tapes.

  • Tested and certified by SP Research Technical Institute in Sweden to protect data against damage from fire and heat for up to 1 hour at 1850 degrees F.

  • Safely stores approximately 14 LTO tapes OR 6 3.5” hard drives (with or without “trays / sleds”).

  • Delivered fully assembled at no charge, dock to dock, within the 48 continental US. 3 year material warranty and free replacement after exposure to a fire.

  • Built with double door construction (2 set of doors) and internal water-resistant seals.

  • Phoenix products marked as "water-resistant" are designed using internal seals and double-door construction to prevent water damage from fire hoses and sprinklers.



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