Veritape 3592 Analyser with Barcode Reader VT-3592-BCS

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The Veritape 3592 analyser with barcode reader VT-3592-BCS manufactured by MP Tapes allows you to analyse the data held on the RFID chip, also called the CM or RF chip within the 3592 cartridge. This unit can read and analyse all data from 3592 tapes from JA to JE cartridges and links this data with the tape's individual serial number and barcode label so you can track the tape's history and performance. It also has information such as manufacture date, manufacturer and number of loads. This information allows you to check if the tape has been stolen or lost, or is failing and needs to be replaced. It can also identify if a drive is causing more errors so a drive issue can be resolved before it is too late.

Veritape 3592 Analyser with Barcode Reader VT-3592-BCS Brochure



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