EFC LTO Aluminium Dual Tray Case with a 32 tape capacity

$243.10 incl. GST

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The EFC LTO aluminium case has a capacity of 32 LTO tapes in their individual clamshell cases. The case carries dual plastic grey trays and is lockable, light and very secure.
This LTO aluminium case comes with 2 removable LTO grey trays, each with a capacity of 16 LTO tapes in their individual plastic clamshell cases, it also has foam insert protection to the inside lid of the case, and is suitable for safe and secure transportation and storage of LTO tapes. Australian made design in a sturdy aluminium exterior, the case is also lockable, durable and dust-proof.
These aluminium LTO dual tray cases are no longer available and we have 6 left in stock.



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