TeraTurtle LTO/3592/T10k 50 Tape Capacity Case 07-549005

$542.56 incl. GST

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The Turtle TeraTurtle LTO, T10K, 3590 case 07-039008 has a capacity of 50 x LTO, 50 x T10000, 50 x 9840/9940, 50 x 3480/3490/3590/3592 tapes with or without their plastic individual cases. TeraTurtles are designed for those users not wanting unsealed foam to hold the tapes firmly in the cases. This design has a plastic guide and any foam used in the top and bottom of the case is completely coated in a thin plastic to prevent dust and foam shed from long term use. They have stainless steel and plastic double movement latches which prevents accidental opening for added protection. They are options for two padlocks or security seals which ensures there is no tampering with the contents. These TeraTurtle cases have a lifetime warranty.



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